Sudoku Puzzles "Guru"

Rubik's Cube Of The 21'st Century - The Puzzle Made Simple ! Excercise For the Brain ( Logic Based Number Placement Puzzle Solving Technique)

"GURU" Methods -Yields Successful Results

The Sudoku Puzzle Game is Relatively New In The Puzzle Game category

Sudoku Puzzles "Guru"

By Using the unique Process defined in the Sudoku Puzzle "GURU" Manual , you ,too can Become Sudoku Puzzle Guru !

Few Words About Sudoku Puzzle Guru Book !!!                                                   Download Puzzle Form

    The Sudoku Puzzles game is relatively new in the puzzle game category, and has become a world- wide, addictive craze since 2005. The puzzle appeals to players of all ages, and can be played anywhere, any time.  

    Although the puzzles appear to be uncomplicated and easy to solve, players soon discover that they are anything but simple! The author, with his broad engineering and strong mathematical background, soon rea

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